Our Engineers

President of Alpha Engineering is:

Gary M. Hartsog, PE PS(SU), graduated from West Virginia University in 1976 and 1979 with BS degrees in Education and Mining Engineering, followed in 1985 with Master of Science degree in Mining Engineering and in 2005 with Master of Business Administration. Gary worked at the mine and divisional levels with Eastern Associated Coal Corporation and Peabody Coal Company for 15 years before resigning to start Alpha Engineering Services, Inc., in 1991. Gary is a Registered Professional Engineer in 12 states, a Registered Professional Surveyor with Underground Surveying endorsement in WV and holds a current WV Mine Foreman/Fireboss Certification among other certifications. While Gary is well known as a practitioner in mine ventilation, fan and other ventilation related work and of underground surveying and mapping, he also practices in all areas of mining engineering including mine design, water handling, haulage, etc.

Underground Mining Group Leader is:

L. David Prelaz, PE, graduated from Virginia Tech in 1984 with a BS degree in Mining Engineering. After graduation, David spent 14 years working at the mine level in various capacities including Mining Engineer, Section Foreman, Manager of Mines and Manager of Engineering. During that time he acquired certification as an Assistant Mine Foreman and became registered as a Professional Engineer in the state of West Virginia. In 1998, David joined Alpha Engineering where he has worked as a Senior Mining Engineer with primary focus in the areas of underground mine planning, ventilation and production improvement.

Field Project Leader is:

Travis Hartsog graduated from West Virginia University with a BS in Mining Engineering. He has worked underground in the mining industry since 2005 and at the mine level in capacities ranging from Belt Move Crew to Mine Superintendent in both longwall and continuous miner operations. In 2021 Travis joined Alpha Engineering where he has worked as a Project Engineer. He is a certified mine foreman, trainer, dust sampler, WV shot firer, and EMT-M.


We have skilled technical and administration personnel ready to provide our clients with practical and innovative solutions to your engineering needs.