Our Services

Mine & Industrial Ventilation

Alpha Engineering has personnel experienced in mine ventilation surveys that can gather data to generate a computer model of your underground mining operation using software created by Ohio Automation or others. Experience, analysis and computer modeling allows us to help you to maximize your current facilities by performing “what if” scenarios to determine how to improve the operation of the system currently in place and then to budget future capital expenditures such as airshafts, openings, fans or other necessary improvements.

The fans/ductwork, shafts and slopes are long term infrastructure facilities that add to daily operating cost. It is important that the design and installation of these facilities have the lowest long term economic impact from both capital and operating. Let Alpha Engineering help in the design, specification and bidding of these facilities.

Services Include: Ventilation Surveys, Economic and Technical Analysis, Computer Simulations, Projections/Estimates of Future Needs, Shaft/Slope Design and Specification, Bleeder Borehole Design (Specification and Project Management), Fan Specification and Analysis of Current Installations.

Litigation Support/Analysis

When incidents, accidents or catastrophes occur, one of the first questions is “what happened?” followed by “how do we prevent this from happening in the future?” Alpha Engineering Services has experience with investigation of all manner of incidents, accidents and catastrophes occurring in and on the surface and underground areas of coal mines.

Our litigation support and analysis services include: Confidential Consulting, Contemporaneous and Forensic Investigation, Precise Scene Mapping, Analysis, Litigation Consulting and Support, Preparation of Exhibits, Forensic Investigation and Expert Witness Presentation.

Reserve Analysis Services

We can prepare and manage coal reserve studies to include the design and management of corehole programs enabling operators to assess the volume and quality of coal reserves which in turn can paint a clearer picture for the client to aid them in assessing the feasibility of mining operations.

Additional reserve services are provided to include methane desorption, property design and development and mineral tax returns for both active and reserve.

Services Include: Corehole Drilling Program Design, Monitoring, Analysis, Methane Desorption, Property Development Design and Plan, WV Mineral Tax Returns (Active and Reserve), Lease and Property Administration and Active Mine Reserve Property Management by GIS.

Mine Safety & Training Support

Alpha Engineering Services has individuals certified to perform basic thorough advanced training of miners, supervisors, managers and professionals. We focus on specialty and tailored training for special needs and situations as required by our clients. Our unique training abilities and talents are available to tackle many training needs.

Operations Support

Alpha Engineering Services provides auditing and mine map review to ensure that the mine’s map meets the requirements of today’s exacting regulation interpretations.

Our staff offers time studies and systems analysis to help mining operators quantify the benefits of making specific changes in operations so they can make more informed decisions. Additionally, Alpha offers assistance in mine permitting with state and federal agencies (MSHA, WVDEP, and WVOMHST).

Services Include: Operations Analysis, Analysis and Recommendations and Section Simulations.

Project Design & Administration

Our project design and administration services include: design, specification, bid, analysis, administration, start-up, fans, pumps, mine sites, shafts, general construction, monitoring and compliance.

Services Include: Design, Specification, Bid, Analysis, Administration and Start-Up, Fans, Pumps, Mine Sites, General Construction, Monitoring and Compliance, Developing and Writing Specifications, and Project Descriptions.

Drafting and Design

Experienced CAD operators proficient in the use of AutoCAD and Carlson software for underground mine mapping as well as mechanical drawings are available to keep your projects up to date and on track.

Services Include: Underground and Surface Mapping, Design, Layout, Coversion of old workings to current mine maps, Shop Drawings (AutoCAD, Scanning, Digitizing Capabilities).

Mine Design & Layout

The staff at Alpha Engineering has experience in engineering, production and safety. Their combined knowledge can help you streamline your mine design and layout for efficient operation of the ventilation, drainage, haulage and ground control systems.

Services Include: Projections and Layout, Ventilation, Drainage, Haulage and Ground Control.

Underground Time Studies

Operations Analysis Through Underground Times Studies

Today’s mechanized mining operations require vastly superior mine management tools to evaluate productivity. Alpha Engineering Services provides these tools by conducting efficiency studies of the mining cycle to focus not only on the loading and hauling cycles of a producing section, but also other operations necessary to the production cycle such as cutting, drilling and roof bolt operations. A complete analysis of all underground mining operations is prepared for the client with recommendations for enhancing productivity in mind.